Our Courses

The Cart Shed offers the opportunity to find friendships, a sense of belonging and a place of calm in a supportive and caring environment. There are no walls, badged health professionals or waiting rooms...  just the peace of the woodland.

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All of our courses take place outside in the woods and include green woodworking, willow work or horticulture.  They are offered from Monday to Thursday and are run by a Cart Shed team including tutors, occupational therapists and mental health practitioners.

Green Woodworking

Green woodworking is a traditional craft that uses unseasoned wood to produce beautiful and interesting items. We use pole lathes and shave horses along with traditional hand tools including carving axes, froes, draw knives, whittling knives, crook knives and gouge chisels. Projects can include making spoons, butter knives, bowls, cleft paling fences, stools, dibbers, candle sticks and mindful sculptures.


Willow Working

We have our own willow bed where participants help with the harvest. Fresh willow can be used to create live willow structures such as arches, screens or sculptures. A wide range of simple woven willow projects such as trivets, decorations, and dragonflies can be a good introduction while those with more experience might wish to make baskets.

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Our horticulture courses give you the opportunity to learn a range of horticultural skills including planting seeds, pricking out and bringing on plants to fruition. We also look at:

  • Pruning – understand why, when and how to prune a range of plant types including shrubs and trees.

  • Plant Propagation – gain skills in propagation and raising plants from seed and cuttings.

  • Weed control – identify and control common weeds using a range of methods appropriate to the weed types.

  • Pest Control – identify common pests and the damage that they can cause. Understand the available controls for these and how to use them safely.

  • Understanding soils – test your soil. Understand different soil types and growing media and their effect on plant growth.

  • Learn about home composting - the most environmentally friendly way to deal with uncooked kitchen waste. 


How do I choose which course? 

At The Cart Shed you don’t apply for a particular course; instead, once your referral has been received the team will consider which course is most suitable for you. However, there is a place on the referral form where you can detail what your interests are and what activities you think you would enjoy. (This section is called 'Reasons for Wishing to Attend The Cart Shed' on the self-referral form and on the agency referral form this is called ‘Relevant Background Information’)

Occasionally, we do run specific courses such as Wellbeing for Carers or Employment and Volunteering; if you have seen one of these advertised and would like to apply, please complete a referral form and along with relevant background information also state that you are interested in the relevant course. 

Once we have received your referral, one of our team will contact you or your referrer to discuss next steps such as inviting you for a taster day.

Does it matter how old I am?  

Our Young Cart Shed courses are for those who are between 15 and 25 years old; all of our other courses are for anyone who is over 19 years old. 

During the school holidays, we run fun activity clubs for children called Escape to the Woods! Find out more here.

How much does a course cost? 

Most of our sessions are fully funded or you can opt to pay what you can. 


Transport from Hereford, Kington and Leominster can be arranged. Mask wearing is still a requirement on our buses as we need to keep our volunteer drivers and vulnerable participants safe.