Woodland Sites

About Us

Our vision is to provide a service without walls that can transform lives; our mission is to provide tailored therapeutic support in a woodland setting to help people heal, learn new skills, find friendship and a future.

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The Cart Shed is based in beautiful woodlands on a working farm in north Herefordshire. Devereux Wootton farm has strong environmental credentials; energy is produced by wind turbine or photovoltaic panels and the hedges, field margins, and orchards are all managed and maintained to a high standard of environmental stewardship.

Woodland Sites

We have two woodland sites, each with its own workshop, woodland kitchen and range of shelters and fire circles for gathering around.

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Willow Beds

Just off the woods we have The Cart Shed willow beds where we grow our own willow for basket making and other willow crafts.

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Horticulture Site

Our horticulture site has two polytunnels along with outdoor raised beds for growing a wide range of vegetables for use in our delicious onsite lunches. It also has a woodland kitchen, shelter and a fire circle for gathering around.


Why The Woods? 


Activities such as woodwork, coppicing, gardening and cooking can all have an emotionally healing effect.  The simple acts of chopping wood and then using the pole lathe or shave-horse to craft it, or turning home-grown vegetables into a tasty soup on the open fire, all contribute towards this unique and life-enhancing experience.

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The majority of The Cart Shed activities centre around coppicing which is a traditional woodland management practice where trees such as Ash and Hazel are cut at ground level and the tree’s stump or stool is left to re-grow. The multiple stems that this management system produces are used to create coppice craft items such as baskets, fencing, furniture, plant supports and smaller items such as spoons and dibbers.

What will you find at The Cart Shed?

  • An empowering environment enabling individuals to be self-directed in their recovery journey.

  • A non-clinical setting helping individuals address and overcome issues they may be finding difficult to self-manage

  • A range of training and learning opportunities to support individuals into employment

  • A safe place to come on discharge from hospital as part of a care pathway

  • A supportive environment working with you, your GP or healthcare coordinator, giving you the support you need when you need it