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Being Autistic

A safe space where you can explore what it is to be autistic with other autistic adults.

This course is a safe space where autistic adults can explore being autistic with others. It covers a range of topics including autistic identity, masking, stimming, overwhelm, burnout, relationships, sensory processing differences, executive functioning, legal rights and co-occurring conditions. There is also plenty of opportunity to explore mindful creative crafts. 

The aim of the course is to increase knowledge and understanding and focuses on the positives helping you to develop a range of coping skills and strategies. Each session takes place on our outdoor site and includes lunch cooked in our woodland kitchen. We have a beautiful yurt which provides a safe quiet space in which to gather. There are a range of craft activities on offer to supplement the teaching and discussion elements. It is a space to reflect, create, learn and share, but most of all a space where autistic adults can be their authentic selves.

The course runs over 10 or 12 sessions, 4 times per year. Sessions run on a Thursday from 10am-2pm. Numbers are limited to 8-10 participants per course and participants need to be able to commit to attending the whole course. This course is fully funded (so you don't have to pay).

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'I have become more self-aware because I am able to understand myself better and no longer feel like I am wrong, broken or have something wrong with me that needs “fixing”. I am actually normal for a neurodivergent individual and I am not crazy or losing my mind, I do think and function differently to other people but I am not alone in my experiences.'

Being Autistic participant

To join our Being Autistic course you can either apply directly to us by filling in a self-referral form or you can be referred by your GP or support worker through an agency referral. Please find links to both options below. 

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