18th-24th May

Mental Health Awareness Week

Sleep Under the Stars.
Make the world's biggest den.
Sleep in the most unlikely places.

How To Donate
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Ready To Sleep To Help Mental Wellbeing?

Here’s a great, fun way you can help our work with adults and young people in Herefordshire who are struggling with their mental health. How? Think of an interesting, challenging or novel way to sleep. What could be easier?! Tell all your friends and family, and ask for their support. No need to register, simply share your story with us online. Sleep is important to mental wellbeing and at this difficult time it’s more important than ever. Join us, have fun and sleep for mental health week.

Plan Your Sleep In

Make a Den
Make A Den

Create your own den … and stars. A great way for younger supporters to get involved.

Go Bear Grylls
Go Bear Grylls

It may only be the garden but what’s that noise? Probably just a hedgehog!

You Can't Sleep There
You Can’t Sleep There

Oh yes you can! Under the bed, on the landing … must be safe, of course!

Share Your Big Sleep In

How this Helps Others

… lots of people (mental health is an issue for so many) including members of the Armed Forces, Veterans, ex-police officers, paramedics, teachers, medical staff, factory workers, carers, the unemployed and school children. The youngest is 10, the oldest 88.

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… giving people space and time at our woodland sites. We use nature and crafts together with support and companionship to help reduce anxieties and gradually improve mental strength and wellbeing.

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20 Tips from The Cart Shed for improved wellbeing

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20 Tips from the cart shed for improved wellbeing