"I am not one for mixing with people, but I have made some new friends and I wish the course would continue. It has helped me in so many ways and I don’t want it to end. I thank everyone who has helped me on this journey to my recovery!"

A Participant

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Support at The Cart Shed during Covid-19.

To all our friends, our participants and families,

I would like to extend further our hand of friendship and support. We are facing an unprecedented crisis as a country because of Covid-19 and sadly for some there will be the trauma of saying goodbye to a close family member or a friend.
Many of us are living with fear or anxiety – do not stay alone with your worries or grief. We will do our best to be with you, so stay in touch or get in touch. We are offering a phone based service Mon-Fri 9am-5pm to our participants, which is complemented by text messages, emails, WhatsApp converstions and dedicated Facebook groups for particular courses. Our fantastic team of dedicated staff are rising to the challenge this pandemic presents and have created an entirely new service to support our participants, volunteers and each other.
We hope to extend this offer to the wider community before too long.
Together we can be stronger; we can share the fear; we can share the grief.
Importantly we can recover and find a future, whatever that future may be.
Stay safe, stay well and stay connected.
Katie Eastaugh.
CEO The Cart Shed

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Job Centre Plus Armed Forces Convenant community convenant European Social Fund Education & Skills Funding Agency Herefordshire Council Jackson Property