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"RURAL SKILLS THERAPY - I really enjoyed the Coppice Products Course. It gave me so much confidence and fulfilment. I would like to further these skills and take them in to a working environment as quickly as possible."


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As you know, The Cart Shed Team never left post and was determined to carry on providing a service throughout the lock-down period to those who need- and rely on us, via new means of delivery utilising tools for distance learning. 


As part of our process to "Reawaken" the woods, we have been initially running woodland based courses for children of the active and veteran Armed Forces families, with great success.

Having worked tirelessly to make our sites Covid-ready, we are planning on starting our general adult programmes in September. 

Because we know coming back to the woods just yet is not an option for many we will be carrying on offering our phone based service Mon-Fri 9am-5pm to our participants, which is complemented by text messages, emails, WhatsApp conversations and dedicated Facebook groups for particular courses. 

For your information, please read our policies: 

Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Children

Covid 19 - Expectations when returning to the woods

Upon request also available are: GDPR, Complaints, Equal Opportunities, Behaviour Protocols

To read about the Government's guidance regarding Covid-19 please visit:




Our Veteran programme offers a range of courses, activities and work experience in coppicing, coppice crafts, hedging/fencing and horticulture. 

Practical sessions are designed to give you skills and help you 'Move on' to new opportunities. 

Therapeutic support is also available to help you or your partner develop a range of practical skills to enable you to manage issues you may be facing. 

Courses run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10am to 3pm at our woodland sites. A supported health walk is available every Monday.


You can choose from a range of coppice craft, woodland skills and horticulture options.  

Objectives for individuals include:

  • Overcoming issues relating to transition into the civilian community.
    • Opportunities to learn new skills, gain qualifications, progression towards volunteering and employment.
  • Health issues, particularly mental health issues as a result of trauma.
    • Support from The Cart Shed team offering a safe supportive environment to address issues. 
  • Support for partners struggling to integrate
    • A programme of enjoyable activities, opportunities to meet new people and try something new.
  • Support for young people finding issues relating to being the child of a serving member of the armed forces. 
    • A programme of enjoyable activities, opportunities to meet new people and try something new. 


If you are interested you are welcome to refer yourself directly to The Cart Shed by telephone or letter. It is equally possible to be referred by your GP, should you wish. 

The Armed Forces encompass the Tri-Service – Royal Navy, RAF and Army – and their respective Reservist force.


"The Cart Shed is an amazing place to be. It immediately helps you to relax which I think is due to the environment and the caring nature of the people who run it. I’m sure having Veterans on the site has been a learning experience for all concerned but the course tutors and volunteers have all been amazing and have certainly made a difference to both our lives. I too cannot wait for the days my partner attends as it gives me some time off from PTSD and I know he is going to be enjoying whatever it is he’s doing that day"!


Main office: 01544 318 231



This project has been made possible by funding from the The Royal British Legion External Grants Fund. 


The Cart Shed works with the support of the following organisations:

Job Centre Plus Armed Forces Convenant community convenant European Social Fund Education & Skills Funding Agency Herefordshire Council Jackson Property