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"RURAL SKILLS THERAPY - I really enjoyed the Coppice Products Course. It gave me so much confidence and fulfilment. I would like to further these skills and take them in to a working environment as quickly as possible."


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At the Cart Shed, we believe that being involved with nature all year round has benefits for everyone.

Activities such as simple wood work, coppicing, gardening and cooking can have an emotionally healing effect; the act of chopping wood, using the pole lathe or shave-horse to craft it, turning our own home-grown vegetables into a tasty soup on the open fire all contribute towards this unique and life enhancing experience.

The esoteric experience…

It is about enjoying being outdoors; making a fire and sitting quietly by it, chatting with other participants, enjoying the sounds of the birds, the wind, the smells of the blue bells in spring, the wet leaves in autumn, cutting hazel and making beautiful things.

That just being more in our bodies and less in our heads has a balancing effect – contemplating beautiful landscapes, the smell, sound and touch of our natural surroundings… all help us to find our ‘other self’ the self which is lost in a world of computers, i-phones and the pressures of modern living.

Maybe it resonates with a lifestyle we had until not so long ago, when survival meant creating safe, nurturing environments for ourselves in the wild, with fellow human beings living with nature, in nature.

Evidence shows that real and meaningful experience in natural environments at an early age gives children a better start in life, greater emotional security, better concentration and an ability to empathise with the needs of others. True for children and true for adults too.

The Cart Shed works with the support of the following organisations:

Job Centre Plus Armed Forces Convenant community convenant European Social Fund Education & Skills Funding Agency Herefordshire Council Jackson Property