"Fantastic course. Really pleased with the outcome, the end result is better than I originally thought. This course has also triggered off events we can extend throughout our centre and involve clients, staff and the wide community."

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International Women’s day salutes two Herefordshire Women

On Thursday evening, as part of a day of celebrations in Herefordshire, an awards ceremony was held at The Left Bank in Hereford. Kate Lawes, The Cart Shed’s Senior Occupational Therapist, was nominated for and won the “Beyond the Call of Duty” award.

Kate LaWes

The award recognises the commitment and support she has given to hundreds of individuals over the years, who struggle to cope with the impact of poor mental health. Her patience, warmth, kindness and ability to inspire were particularly noted in the awards citation. Kate has been with The Cart Shed since it was established in 2011, and before that she worked for the Wye Wood project, an initiative that also supported individuals with poor mental health in Herefordshire.

Meanwhile, Katie Eastaugh CEO of the Cart Shed was selected as a ‘Suferegette Spirit’ by Amnesty International UK following an anonymous nomination . Katie appears on the new Suffragette Spirit map of Britain https://www.amnesty.org.uk/suffragettespirit.

Katie Eastaugh

This project forms part of Amnesty International’s global BRAVE campaign, which aims to highlight the work of human rights defenders around the world and give them better protection.

 “Attitudes towards those who experience poor mental health have changed a lot over the last 15 years, however more needs to be done to break down barriers, reduce stigma further and provide effective, timely support. At the Cart Shed we pride ourselves on being able to offer a ‘Service without Walls’ and live up to The Cart Shed’s Mission: To provide tailored therapeutic support in a woodland setting, helping those experiencing an imbalance in their lives to heal, learn new skills, find friendship and a future”. said Katie

“Whilst I would not consider my achievements to be as compelling as the Suffragettes, or those women who even today risk their lives to improve the lot of women globally, I am proud to follow in their footsteps, hold hands and be counted as one of their number”.

Katie set up the Cart Shed in 2011 with Kate Lawes, Jenny Watt, Patrick Wrixon and Roger Ings. She had previously established The Wye Wood Project in 2002. Both initiatives work with vulnerable individuals, particularly those with experiencing poor mental health.

The Cart Shed works with the support of the following organisations:

Job Centre Plus Armed Forces Convenant community convenant European Social Fund Education & Skills Funding Agency Herefordshire Council